POSTED BY: Stefanie LaSalle
This weekend Rob and I went to our first murder mystery party hosted by our friends and neighbors, Matt and Krista (a.k.a. Notorious Nick and Aunt Rosie, pictured above) This Murder Mystery took place in the 1920's at Aunt Rosie's speakeasy, the Juice Joint. We all got dressed up in our best period garb, and everyone looked amazing. Scroll down for some more mugshots from the night!
I highly recommend hosting one of these parties yourself. You can see from the website that there are all sorts of themes you can choose from. And if you've never done one before, no worries. They send you everything you need to host the night. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


01/27/2014 1:58pm

Wow, that blondie tomato is a choice bit of calico! Were you all half-seas over by the end of the night from all of that giggle water?


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